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  This software wont be of alot of use without having and arcade machine. It is quite easy to setup a basic emmulator and joystick on a desktop pc, but for the real feel of the real arcade, you might just want to build and arcade machine of your own. I did, and thats what prompted me to make this software.

Building your own is not super hard, as long as your know a little about woodwork and electrical stuff, you should be able to do it. While you can spend several thousand dollars on a prebuilt arcade machine, its more fun and cheeper to build your own, plus the joy of having built it yourself. The cost on mine was around $600.00 US, plus another 700 for the computer and 200 for the tv. The good thing is I had the tv, computer and several other parts already just sitting around my house. The price also varries depending on features you might add or subtract to your own "custom" design.

I wrote up a PDF document with photos on how I made mine, in hopes it helps you design yours.

The PDF can be found here: Matthew Isams Home Arcade Howto.